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Michelle Crispin is a Marketing Consultant and Music Supervisor with nearly 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry & beyond. She loathes talking about herself in the third person but can occasionally be persuaded to do so.

Michelle graduated from Jacksonville University with a BA in Communications & Music. After touring the world with various bands, (including the notorious Fem 2 Fem), she settled down and created mediaHo marketing + entertainment. She lives in Hermosa Beach, CA with her 2 kids & Buddy the boxer. 



I once read that there are 3 types of friends everyone needs in their life: ​

  • Someone to talk to

  • Someone to depend on

  • Someone to have fun with

I believe those same characteristics are necessary to be an effective marketing consultant.

Active listening, reliable service, and creative, out-of-the-box thinking are all paramount in getting results for my clients. 

I will market any brand on any medium (thus the company name). I'm hella-good at brainstorming & can easily transition from the creative desk to the boardroom. As long as your brand does not involve clowns, I'll obsess over it until you walk away with what you need to captivate your audience.


~ Michelle Crispin

Marketer, Music Supervisor,

poncho wearing beach mom, dog lover,

clown hater. Creative. Thankful.

Teenage vinyl junkie 

Pittsburgh, PA 

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