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"Michelle created a perfect musical canvas for Kinga Suto's amazing short comedic film, The D-Monster. She not only performed beyond expectations as an extraordinary music supervisor, she also was our expert in helping to brand the film and market it's festival release. She was the perfect fresh set of eyes for a very worn out group of producers. She brought us all back to life and is someone I hope to work with again. Michelle is a true talent!" ~ Summers McKay, producer of The D-Monster

"From day one her personality and energy lit up our offices. She is like a people magnet. Michelle was able to step in and very quickly establish strong relationships with some of our most important and high profile clients due to her genuine interest in people. Michelle has an educated and discerning ear for music and is adept at communicating her experience and vision." ~ Rodney Gordy, Opus 1 Music

"Michelle's musical taste is exceptional. Her background both as a musician and as an executive combined with her genuine enthusiasm for independent music makes working together rewarding and inspiring." ~ Manoj Gopinath, ESPN 

"Michelle and I have worked together for many years on many clients and her work has always been great. She's a pleasure to work with and gets results." ~ Owen Sloane, Attorney at Gladstone Michel Weisberg Willner & Sloane

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